As French people living in Australia, we were amazed at the extent and dynamism of the French community in Melbourne. We noticed that many people in Australia and in particular Melbourne, possessed a love of all things French. The culture, the history and the food, all create a connection with people.

On one side, many of our friends were starting promising businesses promoting French products and services, and on the other hand a large majority of Francophone families
or local Francophiles were interested in accessing these. Although we were happy and proud to provide a cultural insight to our fellow Melburnians, we noticed that a dedicated guide was missing in Melbourne to link those entrepreneurs with you. In several cities throughout France, you can find a guide of this kind; our inspiration came from
Le Petit Paume in Lyon, which started in 1968.

Le Petit Melbourne is in its inaugural edition, so we hope it will prove to become just as long-lasting and indispensable in the hands of every French culture-loving individual in Melbourne.

Keep an eye out for every annual edition that will grow along with the local French community.

                                Mélanie Guers-Atlani & Sandra Calvet

Melanie Guers-atlani

sandra calvet